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Tennis / Pickleball Courts Public Use Policy

Pickleball Court
The North Stonington Recreation Commission encourages the public to use our Tennis / Pickleball courts at the Rocky Hollow recreation facility in a safe and healthy manner at all times.  Reservations for these courts can be made through the Recreation website by clicking on the "Facilities" tab and then the "request" box for either Tennis Court #1, Tennis Court #2, or Pickleball.  Reservations can be made for 90 minute blocks of time between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm daily.  If you do not have an approved reservation for any of the above then the below "Priority Use" guidelines set by the Recreation Commission should be followed.

#1.  Recreation program / activity
#2.  N. Stonington School program / activity
#3.  Resident of North Stonington
#4.  Non-resident

Note:  Pickleballers must bring their own equipment (net, paddles, balls)